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Welcome to Omics Technologies!

Your Ultimate Proteomics, Genomics & Metabolomics Research Service Provider

Most Popular

Quantifying thousands of proteins in up to 10 samples, together.
World Leading Targeted Proteomics Services. Absolute Quantification.
PTM specific proteome quantification and novel PTM identification.
Our UltimateSens ultra-low-input NGS sequencing will make your retrospective FFPE genome sequencing project dream come true
Our UltimateSens ultra-low-input NGS technology will guarantee your sequencing success even for the toughest samples in the world.


Omics Technologies is now serving:
Scientists and Researchers who are focused on biological and medical research fields, including molecular biology, cell biology, physiology and pathology, etc;
Doctors who are interested in finding reasons to their diseases of interest; and
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies with our


The top quality of our data and our services keep our clients coming back.
With over 120 publications and 8000+ citations, Omics Technologies scientists are the top experts in both Proteomics and Genomics fields.
Extremely short turnaround time, and responsive 24/7 communications.
Omics Technologies is offering the shortest turnaround time in omics research services, and will always meet your deadline 100%. And you will never wait in dark.
100% customized service, tune our technologies into your specific research goals.
Omics Technologies is proud of its highly customized professional services, because we know what we are doing and we know how to get the best results for you.

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Omics Technologies scientists will help you design your personalized project and get back to your request within 12 hours. In Omics Technologies you do not need to be our clients to get our free consulting services. Our scientists will always be willing to discuss with you about your projects and your questions in omics fields even if you won't choose us for your projects.

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Any time, any device, just access our website and type in several words about your project or simplily just leave us your email and phone and have our experts contact you. Omics Technologies scientists are ready to help you with your proteomics / genomics research projects any time. You are welcome to contact us to ask any question even though you are sure that you may not want our service at all. As scientists, we are happy to discuss with you about your projects and provide our professional advices. To do better science is our mutual goal. For our Free Consulting Services, we guarantee you:

Fully Responsive

Won't miss any questions you have asked. Won't delay. You are guaranteed to get a reply from us within 12 hours.

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Scientists answering your questions have at least one PhD degree in proteomics or genomics field.

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Contact us via Email or phone, get your questions answered 24/7.

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