full-line, top-quality, and extremely-cost-effective Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Analysis Services



Quantifying tens of thousands of proteins in up to 10 different samples, together.


Stable Isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture. Coming from original inventor's lab!

SRM Targeted Proteomics

World Leading Targeted Proteomics Services. Absolute quantification. Most Popular!

PTM Proteomics

Phosphorylation, Glycosylation, etc. Proteomics. Identify and Quantify PTM proteomes.

Proteome Profiling

A complete catalogue of the entire proteome in any sample type. World's best depth.

Host Cell Protein Analysis

Identification and quantitation of host cell proteins in biopharmaceuticals.

De Novo Antibody Sequencing

Accurate and deep sequencing of antibodies for therapeutic purposes.

IP Proteomics

Identify and Quantify Immunoprecipitated complex component changes in diseases.

MHC binding peptidomics

A complete catalogue of the entire proteome in any sample type. World's best depth.

Signaling Pathway Analysis

Provides essential molecular biology insights in any proteomics studies.


Featuring Ulta Low Input NGS library construction. NGS from toughest samples, including fossils and old FFPE slides.


Old FFPE Slides
NGS Sequencing

FFPE Sample sequencing. Samples can be as old as 100 years.

Ancient DNA
NGS Sequencing

Fossil, Human Remains, or any other NGS Samples that are 30,000 years old

Ultra-Low Input
NGS Sequencing

Only needs as low as 500pg DNA, No PCR based amplification

Targeted NGS with
Ultra-high Efficiency

High Capturing Efficancy (>95%) for Ultra-low sample amount (<1ng)

Personalized Research Services

Find out the reasons. Give actionable directions. Evaluate disease risk. Provide preventative strategies.



Identify mutations. Provide actionable treatment suggestions.


Genetics behind heart conditions. Find the best treatment.


Find reasons for behavior disorders. Suggest the best drug.


Find the cause. Establish Treatment. Cure.

Prenatal Tests

Find out how you and your baby are doing.

Rare Diseases

Accurate Research Services of rare diseases. Give actionable suggestions.


Complete profiling of all disease causing genes.

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