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Omics Technologies Inc. is a state-of-the-art Proteomics and Genomics Service provider. Our headquarter is centrally located at Maryland USA, within short distance to critical national research facilities in the United States such as NIH, FDA, NCI, and several prestigious academic institutions internationally famous for their biological research, such as HHMI, Johns Hopkins University, and Rockefeller University. Here, we are the only Proteomics and Genomics services specialized company surrounded by over 500 other biotechnology companies.

We are serving a broad spectrum of government, industrial and academic clients with a commitment to delivering high quality data and personalized customer services. We provide full-line, top-quality, and extremely-cost-effective Proteomics Mass Spectrometry and ultra low amount DNA input Genomics Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services to meet our customers' research and discovery needs.

We are actively serving hospitals, clinical service providers and pharmaceutical companies to provide Personalized Research Services for their patients, particularly cancer patients, based on each cancer patient's unique personal genomic, proteomic and other personal omic information.

As a startup company, in Omics Technologies, we know our success only relies on your success. We believe Nothing Is More Important Than Your Success. We are ready to provide you the highest level services at the lowest possible cost and your immediate success and long term relationship with us are our best rewards!

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The top quality of our data and our services keep our clients coming back.
With over 120 publications and 8000+ citations, Omics Technologies scientists are the top experts in both Proteomics and Genomics fields.
Extremely short turnaround time, and responsive 24/7 communications.
Omics Technologies is offering the shortest turnaround time in omics research services, and will always meet your deadline 100%. And you will never wait in dark.
100% customized service, tune our technologies into your specific research goals.
Omics Technologies is proud of its highly customized professional services, because we know what we are doing and we know how to get the best results for you.


Omics Technologies is now serving three major populations of clients:
Scientists and Researchers who are mainly focused on biological and medical research fields, including molecular biology, cell biology, physiology and pathology, etc;
Doctors who are interested in finding reasons to their diseases of interest;
Pharmaceutical Companies that are identifying new drug targets.

To meet your research goals, we are providing you:

Most Popular

Quantifying thousands of proteins in up to 10 samples, together.
World Leading Targeted Proteomics Services. Absolute Quantification.
PTM specific proteome quantification and novel PTM identification.
Our UltimateSens ultra-low-input NGS sequencing will make your retrospective FFPE genome sequencing project dream come true
Our UltimateSens ultra-low-input NGS technology will guarantee your sequencing success even for the toughest samples in the world.

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